The Mission
The Pillars
The SDGI Network
Sustainable Development Group International (SDGI) is a network with a global outreach and an ambitious interdisciplinary agenda in line with the Millennium Declaration and the Global Sustainable Development Goals. SDGI and its members seek to promote pioneering sustainable solutions to current global challenges.

SDGI is foremost a platform for sharing ideas on how to promote equitable development and seeks to serve as an open source for exchange of accumulated knowledge. To achieve our goals we encourage partnerships between the private sector, governments, national co-operation agencies, non-governmental organisations, think-thanks, academia, and private donors. Read more about our goals and objectives below.
“…to aid in meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

- Bruntland Commission -

The SDGI Pillars
The SDGI Pillars represent the goals and respective objectives which guide all activities.
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The Network
Sustainable Development Group International was created in 2007 as a network with the aim of facilitating the exchange of creative ideas and effective practices related to all relevant development fields.

SDGI has since grown into an open community of professionals from a large spectrum of academic backgrounds. We are currently active in various organisations around the world which permits a wide outreach. This gives SDGI its international profile and allows us for an original, multidisciplinary approach to innovative problem-solving while taking advantage of a wide range of creative ideas. By uniting motivated minds and organisations from across the globe, SDGI seeks to face the challenges and fulfil the needs of an ever changing global theatre.
SDGI is registered in Sweden and holds Organisation Number: 802439-1792.

Legal Notice: Please note that members of our community do not automatically gain the right to represent SDGI. Fraudulent behaviour and/or infringement on the integrity of SDGI may result in legal action.

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From Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals
Familiarise yourself with the new SDGs. Click on the image for the official website.
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