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SDGI Consulting- Sweden is the operative part of the network. It serves as the main office for administration of external relations, projects, as well as being the focal point for SDGI. Through SDGI Consulting - Sweden we provide advisory services, workshops, and training in both project planning and design as well as selected thematic areas.


Sustainable Development Group International (SDGI) is a network with a global outreach and an ambitious interdisciplinary agenda in line with the Global Sustainable Development Goals. Read more about the network, tune in on our Facebook page and start sharing. Feel free to contact us for any enquires.

New Online Photography Training

For Peace, Security and Development Monitoring

The Camera as a Tool for Monitoring

In a world saturated with images, photography is often overlooked as means of documenting change. Understanding the fundamental aspects of photography is a valuable skill when working in the field. This basic training will prepare you for making the best use of photography and your camera as a tool for monitoring in complex theatres. It will make you comfortable using any advanced photography equipment at your disposal during your deployment.

Delivered Live in 2020
The European Union Monitoring Mission - Georgia
Delivered Live in 2021
Aspiering Rohingya Photographers - Cox Bazar

What is

The Rule of Law?

Dive deeper into a system of governance with three regulatory functions and a number of embedded principles. Collectively they contribute to the prevention of conflict and the consolidation of just and stable societies.

Three Regulatory Functions

A system for separation of power within the State…
A normative framework for good governance…
A process of instituting and administering conflict resolution and fair and equitable justice…

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